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201 Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery. Note - there is a Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery in Sandy, Salt Lake County, Utah; and there is a Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. It is not known to me which cemetery she is buried in.  Spencer, Teresa Renee (I1043)
202 "Illustrated."|||Includes index.|||Imperfect: label obscures some print on t.p.; obscured words suggested by RQM in OCLC. Source (S1481834384)
203 "Illustrated."|||Pref. signed: W.H. Lever. Source (S3085636307)
204 1835 census states he was 19 - putting his birth year at 1816
1850 census states he was born 1812 in Louisiana
1860 census states he was born 1815 in Tennessee 
West, Willis D. (P257)
205 1850 census states he was born 1795 in Virginia; U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index states he was 66 years old at the time of his death in June of 1860 - making his birth year 1794.  Hough, Ashford (P266)
206 1850 Randolph County Alabama Census = 1805 in Georgia
1850 Heard County, Georgia Census = 1806 in South Carolina
1860 Census = 1805 in South Carolina

Strickland, Horatio Gates (P5654)
207 1880 census indicates she was born 1847 in Tennessee.
1900 census indicates she was born Oct 1849 in Tennessee. 
Wilhite, Ellen (P19581)
208 1885 New Mexico Territorial Census: 1883
1910 Census: 1884
1920 Census: 1884
1930 Census: 1884
1940 Census: 1885 
Rendon, Maria Guadalupe (I572)
209 1900 Census - May 1885
1910 Census - 1885
1920 Census - 1884
1930 Census - 1884 
Garcia, Celestino (I571)
210 1910 census indicates she was born 1906
1920 census indicates she was born 1905
1930 census indicates she was born 1905 
Maxwell, Bertha Lois (P3162)
211 1910 census states he was born 1874 in Texas
1920 census states he was born 1873 in Texas
Welch, Thomas W. (I183)
212 1910 U.S. Census: born abt 1865 in Mexico
1920 U.S. Census: born abt 1866 in Mexico
1930 Mexico Census: born abt 1862 in Sonora, Mexico 
Quiros, Pascual (I1388)
213 3-5-18: Notes from Christy Bodily: Jonathan was born in the early 1980s. He was adopted out through foster adopt in Arizona in the early 1990s. The family is still trying to locate him.  Ross, Jonathan Wayne (P1737)
214 3-5-18: Notes from Christy Bodily: Russell was murdered by Randy T. Harris. He left behind an adult son Aaron Deal and three minor children: Devon, Riley and Mackenzie.  Ross, Russell Wayne (P1735)
215 3/5/17 - Notes from Christy Ross Bodily: Joe Dudley died from the result of an auto accident. He had one son.  Ross, Joe Dudley (I1302)
216 New Mexico Genealogist - The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society; June 2006; Volume 45, No. 2 - Written by Carma Gallegos Owen

Florentino Gallegos marred Ramoncita Montoya on 15 July 1916. She was the daughter of Maximiano Montoya and Juana Adelia Martinez and had been christened on 7 March 1897. Florentino and Ramoncita have five children, two of whom died in childhood. Florentino was a well-respected carpenter and was known for his large vegetable garden and fruit orchard. He was well over 6 feet tall. In contrast, Ramoncita was short. She enjoyed sewing and embroidery and was an excellent cook. Besides raising their family, one of their contributions to the community was the assisting in building of the Capilla de San Francisco de Asis in 1936. The construction, in the center of Estaca village, took two years to complete. In addition to Florentino and Ramoncita, other family members who helped included Vicentita Gallegos Martinez, Margarita Martinez and Antonio Martinez. (See photo of La Capilla below.) Florentino died 5 November 1958 and was buried in the El Guigue Cemetery. Ramoncita was a widow for a long time and died 27 Oct. 1981. She was buried next to her husband on 30 Oct. 1981.
Gallegos, Florentino (P552)
217 New Mexico Genealogist - The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society; June 2006; Volume 45, No. 2 - Written by his daughter Carma Gallegos Owen

Jose Eugenio Gallegos - He was also known as Joe E. Gallegos. He was born 18 November 1920 and was christened 28 Nov. 1920 at the San Juan de los Caballeros Catholic Church. Joe joined the Civilian Conservation Corps. at age 16 and a half, telling the enrollment officer that he was eighteen. He was well over 6 feet tall so that probably helped his case. In the CCC, the boys earned $30 a month of which $25 was sent to the family. they receieved "three squares" or three meals a day, room and board and clothing. He received an Honorable Discharge from the Civilian Conservation Corps. in March of 1939. He received $11 at his discharge and was furnished transportation from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Espanola, New Mexico.

When Joe was about 20, he moved to Salt Lake City with his maternal uncles. He began working at the Bingham Copper Mine in Utah as a laborer on the railroad. After World War II began, he joined the Army. He was living in Copperton, Utah and was featured in Democracy Triumphs by the Victory Flag Society in Bingham Canyon, Utah. He was inducted on 25 Nov. 1942, just after his 22nd birthday. He received an Honorable Discharge and was released on 3 Oct. 1945 after serving at Normandy in northern France and in Central Europe-Rhineland. He received a Good Conduct Medal and the European-African-Middle Infantryman Badge on 26
Aug. 1945. The mustering out pay was $300, of which he was paid $100 at that time. He also received $48.85 for travel. In the Copperton City Park, there is a large World War II monument for veterans from Bingham Canyon. His name is listed as J. E. Gallegos.

After marrying in 1947, Joe E. lived with his wife and three daughters in Bingham Canyon. He moved the family to Murray, Utah about 1956, and they added two more daughters. He continued working at the copper minue for over 40 years, retiring in 1980.
While working at the mine, he went from being a laborer to a train engineer. He took pride in his wife and five daughters, worked hard in the family garden and enjoyed going on the occasional fishing trip. He was known for his generosity, his bravado and his ability to tell a good story. He died 20 Feb. 1996 and was buried 24 Feb 1996 at the Lake Hills Memorial Park in Sandy, Utah.

The Gallegos family is an integral part of New Mexico history. Although they were regular people, living regular lives, it is the time they put into the land and into their communities that make their history worthwhile.
Gallegos, Jose Eugenio (P551)
218 The Waco News-Tribune City Edition, Part 4/Tornado Obits) and Waco Times Herald Page 17); Wednesday, May 13, 1953:
William Henry Lytle, 64, OF 2915 Windsor (located west of IH-35 and east of Waco Lake in the Dean Highlands area of Waco), died Monday afternoon in the tornado. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday at Comptom's Chapel, Chaplin Harris of Veteran's Hospital officiating, assisted by Dr. D. L. McCree, burial in Oakwood Cemetery. Survivors: one sister, Miss Bell Lytle of Waco; one-step daughter, Mrs. Marvin Booker, Sr. of Fort Worth, one step-grandchild, Marvin Booker, Jr. Active pallbearers ? E. H. Bergner, Mr. Pueblo, Tom Conway, Marvin Booker, Sr., Marvin Booker, Jr., R. B. Marshall. Mr. Lytle was born in Waco and lived here all his life. He was a retired machinist. Employee of Kathy Shops, Bellmead. Compton's Funeral Home, 1024 Austin, Phone 4-1441.
Lytle, William Henry (P2418)
219 Waco Time Herald, Page 17, Monday, May 6, 1963: Lytle, Miss Belle - Miss Belle Lytle of 1900 Webster Avenue died at 9:00 a.m., Sunday in a Denison hospital. Funeral services will be at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday in Wilkerson and Hatch Chapel . Chaplain Charles D. Harris and Rev. Urban Schultze (United Methodist Rev.) officiating. Burial at Greenwood Cemetery. She has no survivors. Wilkerson and Hatch Funeral Home, 1124 Washington Ave. Lytle, Belle Sarah (P2419)
220 Waco Times Herald, Page 3, Monday January 5, 1941: Funeral services for Mrs. Marguerite Lytle, 59, who died at her residence four miles from Waco on the Dallas highway Saturday at 9:50 p.m. were held Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at Compton's Chapel. Rev. J. R. Wyatt and Rev. V. A. Geeo officiating burial in Moore Cemetery at Chalk Bluff.* She is survived by her husband, W. H. Lytle; one daughter, Mrs. Irene Booker, Fort Worth; and one sister, Mrs. Minnie Harrell, Glen Rose.
*Her death certificate indicates she was buried in Greenwood Cemetery
Logan, Marguerite J. (P3022)
221 FATHER OF JUAN UBINA: Juan Ubina's Death Certificate indicates that his father was Mariano Escalante (born in Mexico). Alternatively, Juan Ubina was the informant on his mother's Death Certificate. There he states that his mother was a widow and previously married to Marino Ubina. It is not known whether he confused the surnames or whether Mariano Escalante and Marino Ubina are two different people. At this time, based on the family oral history, it is believed that the father of Juan Ubina could likely be the Mariano Escalante of the famed Escalante Brothers Circus troupe. Admittedly, there doesn't seem to be a record directly tying Mariano Escalante to Juan Ubina's mother, Geneveva Ubina. Additionally, it is noted that Mariano would have been only about 16 years old at the time of Juan's birth. It could be that Juan was born out of wedlock (in fact this seems to be what the oral family history indicates) or from a prior marriage between the couple. An Escalante great-grand daughter denies that Mariano Escalante was married prior to Amelia Acevedo and further denies that Mariano had a child out of wedlock. However, Angelita Ubina Quiroz (daughter of Juan Ubina) spoke often to her children about their Grandpa Juan's family and their associaiton with the Escalante Circus. Note that Juan took the Ubina surname - not the Escalante surname. It is well documented that Mariano Escalante did marry Amelia Acevedo. This couple had 14 children, and many of the older children were born in Durango, Mexico - John Ubina was also born in Durango, Mexico. Mariano Escalante was in Los Angeles by about 1914. Juan Ubina also lived and died in Los Angeles. Mariano spent time during 1917-1918 in Coconino County, Arizona. Coconino County borders Yavapai County, Arizona, where many of Juan Ubina's children were born. The naming patterns are somewhat similar - for example - Mariano named a daughter Angelita - and Juan also named a daughter Angelita. Notes from Erlene Best (Escalante family researcher): Louise (my aunt) told me that the life was very hard, and marriage did not last. She also told me that a lot of the kids, used the name of Escalante, because they were all related some how. While the relationship between Juan Ubina and Mariano Escalante seems likely - it has not been proven. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Notes from granddaughter Christine regarding Juan Ubina include the following: In regards to the Escalante family - The stories and connection is with my father Carlos. A. Mendoza (he is still with us at 91). My father lived when he was a young man on Hicks Street in East Los Angeles three doors down from the Escalante family. Our Dad shared this story - he was taught to use the trapeze by Frank(Pancho) Escalante. Another time while he was on the trapeze he fell and was taken to the hospital - when returned to the neighborhood with his wrapped up he was teased and called "La Momia" (the Mummy). As he got older and going to High school he loved gymnastics and he was always interested in the trapeze. Essentially my father was childhood friends with the Escalante boys. In early December my Dad ask my sister to take a drive to Hicks Street in LA. They stopped at the Escalante home and a family member still there. It was a son - my father spoke to him. He was caring for his mother. My sister thinks her name was Bertha. Now for my our Grandpa Juan - my mother (Alice) - I would hear little stories - she said he was the only child but I see he wasn't. That's something exciting - and the other story - he was hidden by his mother from Poncho Villa when he was a boy. My Mom did tell me some stories about growing up. It was a hard life for her.
MOTHER OF JUAN UBINA: On his death certificate it states that his mother was Genoveba Ubina. In Juan's Social Security Application he states that his mother's maiden name was Sanchez. Notes from granddaughter Kathy Quiroz: "As for the name Sanchez. I can only guess that Grandma Genova was Ubina Sanchez and someone picked her maiden name Sanchez in error because it is written last in Mexico. Genova Ubina de Sanchez."  
Ubina, Juan (P5620)
222 Who were the parents of William James Atwood? Up until now, it was assumed that the father of William James Atwood was the James Atwood who made a will in 1816 in Laurens County, South Carolina; however, fellow researcher Jett Hanna has another idea. Here is his analayis:
"We know that William James Atwood was born in North Carolina about 1793 in North Carolina based on the 1850 and 1860 census. We also know that a James Atwood acknowledged a William Atwood as his son in his will in 1816 in Laurens County, South Carolina. A James Atwood age 15-25 appears in the 1800 census in Laurens, but without children. This would be inconsistent with this James Atwood being the father of William since William was born about 1793. The only female in the household is listed as age 10-15, and could not have been William's mother. The 1810 census also does not have any evidence of William being in James household, both male children being under 10 years old. William should have been about 17 at this point based on the 1850 census, perhaps living somewhere else. The fact remains, however, we have no census evidence that our William James Atwood was living in Laurens County or was the son of the James Atwood in the 1816 will. The will is quite consistent with the census information-there doesn't seem to have been any older son of this James Atwood. The 1810 census has one girl age 10 to 15, and a son in-law of James Atwood is listed as William Ball. Catherine Ball, who appears to be his wife and is consistent with the 1800 census info, never appears in the same county as William James Atwood. When all is said and done, I believe that William James Atwood's father could not be the James Atwood who was in Laurens County and died in 1816.
The 1790 Census for North Carolina does have a William Atwood with 2 males under age 16, but of course this doesn't give us William James. The 1800 Census has a William Atwood in Rowan County (where there was a James in 1790). We also don't have evidence of a James Atwood in that record.
We are running out of possibilities pretty fast...there is a William Atwood in Abbeville, SC in the 1790 census, but he seems to disappear in 1800. However, an Agness Atwood, who could be his widow, appears in the 1810 census, but none of the possible children ages fit with William James.
Finally, consider this entry: John Atwood in Surry County, NC in 1810. John has a male in the household age 16-25 who could be William James Atwood. John Atwood appears to be between 26 and 44. Problem is-where was this family in 1790 and 1800?
There are some other Atwoods in Northern Virginia that William James might have come out of, but those don't seem to fit our situation. There is one male in the family of Caty Atwood in 1810 who could be the right age.
I would propose another possibility here: That while he was born in North Carolina, he moved to Tennessee after his birth and before 1800. Tennessee was formed from land ceded by North Carolina to the United States in 1789. The 1800 census for Tennessee was destroyed, as was most of the 1810 census.
Leonard Miles' papers help make my case on the idea that the Atwood family moved to Tennessee before 1800. Miles was in the 1790 Census for South Carolina, but disappears until the 1820 census in Tennessee. His pension filing says that he moved to Sumner County, Tennessee, in 1798/99. His daughter Elizabeth, who married William James Atwood, was born in 1794. She doesn't appear in the census for 1800, either.
So what can we do next? I would suggest that we look for Atwoods in Tennessee in the vicinity of Leonard Miles. Miles moved to Sumner County in 1798 or so. Part of Sumner County became Jackson County. We should also look in Lincoln County. Lincoln County 1820 census shows William and Elizabeth had kids under 10 years old, so they could have first met either in Jackson or Lincoln County. Checking deed records for Atwoods and Miles might give us a sense of when the families moved to Tennessee.
I'll check into whether there are any abstracts of deeds and wills in Tennessee for this time period that might help us out. In the mean time, I am very confident that James Atwood on your tree is not William James Atwood's father.
Possible alternate father of William James Atwood: Notes from Jett Hanna: A Thomas Atwood died in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The will is dated 1843. Thomas is on 1840 and 1830 census for Lincoln County, Tennessee. In 1830 he is next door to William Miles, and on the same page in 1840. William Miles is of an age that he could be a child of Leonard Miles, and a William Miles is listed as one of Leonard's children on your tree. Here's how I read the census images for Thomas Atwood:
1830 census: 1 male 20 to under 30, 1 male 60 to under 70, 1 female 70 to under 80.
1840 census: 1 male 40 to under 50, 1 male 60 to under 70, 1 female 40 to under 50.
These dates are confusing, to say the least. I suspect one is in error, or both. 60 to under 70 in 1840 puts his birth date between 1770 and 1780. There are males on the John Atwood census record for Surry County, NC who could be both Thomas and William James.
The text of the will is quite interesting, doesn't prove William James is his son but doesn't exclude him, either. Here is what the will says: The reason for giving my land to my son John to the exclusion of my other children is that he has always lived with me and is not calculated to make a living in the world like my other children and I therefore appoint my friend George Renegar to be guardian for my son John. Wife in Thomas Atwood's will is Nancy, she gets the rest of his property. There is a marriage in Orange County, NC between Thomas Atwood and Nancy Redding, Feb. 1, 1810. This date for marriage isn't consistent with Nancy being William's mother if he was born 1792/1793 as per later censuses. Nancy Atwood does show up in a census record for Orange County, NC as head of household, strange if this is the same Nancy who married the Thomas in Lincoln County, Tennessee. She is over 45, with a female under 10 and one 26-45. I tend to think it was a different Thomas who married this Nancy, but it could be a second marriage, I guess. But still-where was Thomas in 1820? So-could this Thomas be William James father? It's possible with either age range for the head of the household, and John could reasonably be a brother with either age. The female's ages seem off regardless if Nancy was still alive, as the will suggests. We still can't find this family definitively in the 1800 or 1810 census at this point, however. Nancy Atwood, however, is in the 1820 census in North Carolina.
I think that a land record search in Lincoln Co, Tenn. is a good idea at the least to figure out when Thomas bought land there. Good thing is his will indicates he had 40 acres. Rather than do the Tennessee Archive land grant search, I'm going to see if there is an easy way to look for the land record in Lincoln County. I have done what checking I can online for Atwoods and Miles on tax lists for Jackson County (was Sumner and Smith, is where pension says Leonard moved.)
Atwood, William James (P259)
223 A couple of the public trees on indicate that his middle name was "Henderson"; however, I do not have a source for this.  West, Richard (P3049)
224 A few of the public member trees on indicate that his middle name is Harold; however, I have no source for this - outside of the 1940 census record which has NOT proven to be our Carlton Hensley.

Several other public member trees on indicate that his middle name is Storey - which appears to be a Hensley family name; likewise, I have no source for this.  
Hensley, Carlton S. (P15196)
225 A few of the public trees on state that Sarah is buried in New Hope Cemetery in Falcon, Laclede County, Missouri. I have not been able to locate such a cemetery in Falcon; however, there is such a cemetery in Russ, Laclede County, Missouri. This may be one and the same cemetery, and I have not confirmed that Sarah is buried there.  Tyree, Sarah Isabelle (P9684)
[From the Waco Examiner - No date]
Intelligence was yesterday morning received of the death by gun shot the evening before, of James T. Miller, a resident of this county, and one of the most orderly and respectable citizens. Who it was that committed this atrocious crime, or by what spirit of diabolism actuated, is yet one of the undeveloped mysteries. Certain it is, however, it was a murder most foul. Jim Miller, for so he was familiarly called, was in town the day he was killed, and it is known that he was not armed. He fell, therefore, by the hand of the assassin. He had bought during the day supplies and a quantity of lumber for use on his place, and was on his way home with them. He lived at the Pitts place, on the Corsicana road, twelve miles from town. A short distance this side of town, night coming on, Mr. Miller, being on horseback, left the wagons on the main road and started home on the "trail," a more direct route. Shortly afterward the report of a gun was heard in that direction; Mr. Miller not coming home, search was instituted, and on the following morning (yesterday) his body was found. He was shot at the trail crossing of that ill-famed creek, the Tehuacana, a short distance above the Corsicana rad. A load of buckshot, some eighteen or twenty, taking effect in his side, had done its bloody work and there he lay. "Dead men tell no tales," and in the absence of witnesses it is possible that eh perpetrator of this great crime may go unwhipped of justice and unrecognized, save by the eye of heaven, as the murderer he is. But if it is possible, under such circumstances and in the absence of any clue, to ascertain who it was that did the deed, this should be done and the guilty party be awarded at the hands of the law the fearful penalty due his crime. The deceased will be buried with Masonic honors by Waco Lodge No. 92, to-day.
Miller, James Turner (P2520)
227 A singer of gospel music - like his mother and father and grandparents.
Ham, Norman Neely Jr. (P11371)
228 Ab Bedwell's burial location is unknown; however, it is believed that he could be buried at the Bedwell Cemetery on the Bedwell Farm. There are several obituaries in Waco newspapers of the time period that indicate people being buried "on the Bedwell Farm." To date our efforts to locate this long-forgotten cemetery have been unsuccessful.  Bedwell, Albert Galiton (P11502)
229 Abilene City Cemetery (now known as Abilene Municipal Cemetery) - shares a stone with her husband Edgar Claude Atwood. Arnold, Eunice Mae (P2714)
230 Abilene City Cemetery now known as Abilene Municipal Cemetery. Atwood, Edgar Claude (P247)
231 Abilene City Cemetery; No marker; Blk 41 Lot 4 space 7 Hanson, Myrtle C. Jr. (P15587)
232 Abilene Municipal Cemetery Atwood, Margaret P. (P2711)
233 Abilene Municipal Cemetery Rinehart, Harold Charles (P5887)
234 Abilene Municipal Cemetery Atwood, Sue Dell (P2710)
235 Abilene Municipal Cemetery  Hampton, Sondra Sue (P5889)
236 Abilene Municipal Cemetery  Hampton, Linuel Harmon (P5890)
237 Abilene Municipal Cemetery; Location is per Death Certificate Hampton, Sherry Lynn (P5888)
238 Abilene Municipal Cemetery; no headstone; Blk 41 Lot 2 Sp3 Ham, Lelah Selestice or Celeste (P2133)
239 Abilene Municipal Cemetery; no headstone; Blk 41 Lot 4 Sp 1 Hanson, Myrtle C. (P15588)
240 About his nickname, "Hop" as told by Barbara Currie: I always heard that when Uncle Hop was very young, he had some kind of problem with his legs. He had to use crutches to get around. That's is where the name "Hop" came from - him hopping around on crutches. Ham, Henry Ford (P192)
241 According to "I Remember Callahan," this child was born stillborn. Gwin, Kenneth (I883)
242 According to a memorial on Find-a-Grave, Martha Caroline Atwood married:

(1) Robert S. Walters (1799-1865) and had a child with him named Robert Walters (1854-1927)
(2) John Hughes Whitaker and had a child with him named Christopher Columbus Whitaker
Atwood, Martha Caroline (P5775)
243 According to Alysa Helen Behr, he was born Howard Belton Holland and then later changed his name to Howard Welden Holland Holland, Howard Belton Weldon (P19042)
244 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ayers, P.J. (P11727)
245 According to Donald Lee Curbow, Leonard Lee Setliff was a farmer before he met Vira. Vira was a waitress at a cafe, and that's how she met Leonard. Then at some point after they were married, he went to work at Celanese AND farmed.

Her granddaughter, Leslie Curbow Muller said Vira had a wig store, then the Sample Shop (she bought the salesman's dress samples. 
Grantham, Vira Lorene (P43)
246 According to Emma Gene Atwood Langley Prather - the initials R. D. didn't stand for anything - that was his name.  Prather, R. D. (P5844)
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Atwood, C.A. (P921)
248 According to granddaughter Pat Chatman: He went by his middle name "Lee."  Blair, Jessie Lee (P2474)
249 According to grandson, Randy Quiroz, Arturo Quiroz wanted to return to Mexico - and his wife did not (she would have lost her U.S. citizenship). Accordingly, Arturo Quiroz returned to Mexico without his family. It is thought that he may have remarried and had another family upon his return to Mexico. Many years later, his daughter Mercedes traveled to Mexico, but was unable to locate any information on her father.  Quiroz, Arturo / Arthur G. (P5618)
250 According to great granddaughter Carol Davis, her surname was "Dotson."  Dodson, Bernice Bean (P9840)

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