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The German surname Geier has different and somewhat inconsistent origins and meanings. German family names were introduced during the late Middle Ages, and the surname can derive from three sources: (1) The surname is traceable to the Middle High German term gir which denoted a vulture. Geier is a modern form of this medieval German term; or (2) alternatively, this name can be of local origin, deriving from the name of the region from which the original bearer hailed. In this instance, the surname denoted a resident or native of Geiersberg or the Swiss town of Geyer. A man named Gyr is listed therein in 1197; or (3) it could also be a Jewish occupational surname from Yiddish geyer translating peddler.

The research on my German Geier family has just begun. I will be focusing my research on:

Johan Gottfried Wolf - who was born in 1835 in Joditz, Bavaria, Germany, the son of Johan Jacob Wolf and Anna Catharina Sophia Rank. He married Anna Barbara Wolf. He was a master weaver by trade. The rest of his life is a mystery to me.

Johan Henrich Geier - who was born in March of 1867 in Krotenhof, Bavaria, Germany, the son of Johan Gottfried Wolf and Margarete Anna Henrietta Geier. He married Anna Lina Kutscher. Sometime during his life, he moved his family to northern Germany, where he owned a small farm. He died April of 1931 in Piesteritz, Elbe, Germany.

Kurt Willy Geier - who was born in December of 1908 in Legenfeld, Germany. He married Anna Marta Lipsdorf in March of 1930. Kurt was a very serious man who stressed learning and studying to his children. He was very athletic and was a member of several soccer teams. Kurt Willy was a machinist by trade and worked in a factory in Wittenberg, Germany. During World War II he was forced by his employer (i.e., Hitler) to act as a guard - guarding Russian prisoners of war in a forced labor camp at the factory. At the end of World War II as the Russion soldiers were invading the eastern part of Germany they retaliated by often shooting citizens at random. My grandfather, Kurt Willy Geier, only 36 years old, was shot to death in front of his family by Russian soldiers. These pages are dedicated to him.

This website was launched in June of 2011. I have been busy incorporating media, which includes stories, documents and pictures of our Geier ancestors. I am specificallty looking for research partners that are familiar with researching German families. Should you wish to contribute any information or media to this genealogy database you can feel free to contact me or alternatively you can upload a photo and/or a document directly to this website. If you are researching any of these Geier family lines (or any related families), I would love to hear from you