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I have been unable to locate any information on the origins of the German surname Lipsdorf. It has often been recorded as Lip or Lipp - and interestingly enough this is an English surname with ancient origins. It derives from the pre-7th century word lippa which translates lip. Various surname dictionaries describe this name as being a medieval nickname, presumably either for somebody with prominent lips, or perhaps using it to describe a person who talks a lot! Dorf is simply a German word meaning village. Thus Lips+dorf = Lips Village.

The research on my German Lipsdorf family is in the beginning stages. I will be concentrating my efforts on the following people and their families:

Franz Herman Lipsdorf - Franz Lipsdorf was born in 1881 and died in 1947. He owned a family farm in Wittenberg where he lived with his wife, Wilhelmine Auguste Anna Rostel. Nothing more is known about Franz and his family.

Anna Marta Lipsdorf - Anna - my grandmother - was born 17 Aug 1906 in Hohndorf, Germany, one of five children born to Franz and Wilhelmine. She married Kurt Willy Geier in Elster, Germany on 9 March 1930. Throughout her life my grandmother suffered much and saw many things unfold - she survived both World Wars and saw the total destruction of her home land; witnessed the murder of her husband by Russian soldiers at the end of World War II; endured the trial of raising three children as a single mother in war torn East Germany and then later fleeing to the West just days before the errection of the Berlin Wall. Yet, these trials, tribulations and life experiences made my grandmother a very strong and interesting woman. I think of her daily and this German genealogy is dedicated to her memory.

This website was launched in June of 2011 - and is still very much a work in progress. I am busy incorporating 5,000+ pieces of media, which includes limited stories, documents and pictures of our Lipsdorf ancestors. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Should you wish to contribute any information or media to this genealogy database you can feel free to contact me or alternatively you can upload a photo and/or a document directly to this website. Additionally, I have written some on the Lipsdorf and related families on my blog which you can access at Specifically, I am seeking a research partner that will show me the ropes when it comes to German genealogy. If you are researching the surname Lipsdorf (or any related families), I would love to hear from you