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The Genealogy of the Curbow-Montoya Family
Curbow Collage
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Giles County, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.089475, Longitude: -86.982429


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayers, William Allen  16 Nov 1855Giles County, Tennessee P11717
2 Ayres, Alice  1863Giles County, Tennessee P13586
3 Ayres, Darthula Caroline  27 Dec 1858Giles County, Tennessee P13588
4 Ayres, James Lonnie  1857Giles County, Tennessee P13589
5 Barlar or Barlow, Alfred Jordan  1858Giles County, Tennessee P19005
6 Barlar or Barlow, Annie Jane  1859Giles County, Tennessee P19004
7 Barlar or Barlow, James Monroe (Jim)  1870Giles County, Tennessee P18999
8 Barlar or Barlow, Jeftus Smith  1868Giles County, Tennessee P19000
9 Barlar or Barlow, Lee Gusta  1856Giles County, Tennessee P19006
10 Barlar or Barlow, Mary Anne  Mar 1853Giles County, Tennessee P11718
11 Barlar or Barlow, Nathan Thomas  1863Giles County, Tennessee P19002
12 Barlar or Barlow, Pinkney Fields (Pink)  1866Giles County, Tennessee P19001
13 Chapman, Bertha Selilia  22 Jan 1884Giles County, Tennessee P13666
14 Chapman, Dora Ann  27 Aug 1877Giles County, Tennessee P13669
15 Chapman, Ernest R  8 Apr 1882Giles County, Tennessee P13667
16 Chapman, George Washington  28 Sep 1853Giles County, Tennessee P13670
17 Chapman, Lonnie Allen  23 May 1890Giles County, Tennessee P13664
18 Chapman, Margarritta Belle  29 Jan 1887Giles County, Tennessee P13665
19 Chapman, Sarah Melinda  8 Feb 1880Giles County, Tennessee P13668
20 Chapmon, Luther Reedy  14 Feb 1893Giles County, Tennessee P13663
21 Curbow, George Washington  8 May 1843Giles County, Tennessee P4086
22 Griggs, Reda Othello  31 Aug 1895Giles County, Tennessee P19852
23 Hollingsworth, Martha  1865Giles County, Tennessee P19793
24 Lawhorn, Frances  1853Giles County, Tennessee P19794
25 Nicholas, William Phelps  5 Feb 1847Giles County, Tennessee P4376
26 Nichols, James Thomas  1854Giles County, Tennessee P17814
27 Nichols, Mary  9 Oct 1849Giles County, Tennessee P17815
28 Nichols, Nancy C.  1845Giles County, Tennessee P17816
29 Parker, Eugene Lane  3 July 1878Giles County, Tennessee P4525
30 Roberts, Mary Isabelle (Belle)  1879Giles County, Tennessee P19806
31 Rutledge, Johnnie Lee  1864Giles County, Tennessee P19792
32 Smith, Rhoda A. "Rodie"  Nov 1824Giles County, Tennessee P17817
33 Taylor, Martha "Mattie" A.  1866Giles County, Tennessee P19805
34 Vick, John H.  1856Giles County, Tennessee P19802
35 Walls, Grover Edward  23 Jun 1907Giles County, Tennessee P19846
36 Walls, H.B.   P19844
37 Walls, Kelcie Reed  20 Jan 1914Giles County, Tennessee P19843
38 Walls, L.V.   P19842
39 Walls, Nettie Thula  19 Jun 1905Giles County, Tennessee P19847
40 White, George W.  16 Oct 1860Giles County, Tennessee P4093
41 White, John Thomas  1 Mar 1863Giles County, Tennessee P4095
42 White, William  30 Oct 1858Giles County, Tennessee P4096


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Darthula Caroline  15 May 1945Giles County, Tennessee P13588
2 Barlar, William Henry  1880Giles County, Tennessee P13580
3 Barlar or Barlow, Alfred Jordan  1934Giles County, Tennessee P19005
4 Barlar or Barlow, Annie Jane  1914Giles County, Tennessee P19004
5 Barlar or Barlow, James Monroe (Jim)  1965Giles County, Tennessee P18999
6 Barlar or Barlow, Jeftus Smith  1936Giles County, Tennessee P19000
7 Barlar or Barlow, Lee Gusta  1932Giles County, Tennessee P19006
8 Barlar or Barlow, Nathan Thomas  1915Giles County, Tennessee P19002
9 Barlar or Barlow, Pinkney Fields (Pink)  1949Giles County, Tennessee P19001
10 Chapman, Ernest R  14 Jan 1922Giles County, Tennessee P13667
11 Chapman, George Washington  1 Apr 1921Giles County, Tennessee P13670
12 Chapman, Margarritta Belle  12 Feb 1974Giles County, Tennessee P13665
13 Chapman, Sarah Melinda  30 Oct 1969Giles County, Tennessee P13668
14 Coffman, Robert J  22 Sep 1895Giles County, Tennessee P7603
15 Collier, Mary  1860Giles County, Tennessee P19007
16 Drake, John William "Pink"  30 Oct 1969Giles County, Tennessee P19836
17 Hollingsworth, Martha  1944Giles County, Tennessee P19793
18 Lawhorn, Frances  1889Giles County, Tennessee P19794
19 Lawrence, Alvie E.  16 Mar 1973Giles County, Tennessee P4543
20 Lawrence, Luther Lawrence  24 Jan 1949Giles County, Tennessee P4541
21 Phillips, Alfred  1860Giles County, Tennessee P19008
22 Pinkston, Nellie Kate  1964Giles County, Tennessee P19809
23 Roberts, Mary Isabelle (Belle)  1967Giles County, Tennessee P19806
24 Rutledge, Johnnie Lee  1955Giles County, Tennessee P19792
25 Taylor, Martha "Mattie" A.  Giles County, Tennessee P19805
26 Vick, John H.  1916Giles County, Tennessee P19802
27 White, George W.  15 Jan 1923Giles County, Tennessee P4093
28 White, James T. or M.  8 Dec 1889Giles County, Tennessee P4100
29 White, Lucinda  4 Aug 1899Giles County, Tennessee P4092
30 White, Mary Louanie or Lavina  6 Aug 1946Giles County, Tennessee P4091
31 White, William  28 Dec 1923Giles County, Tennessee P4096
32 White, Willis  12 Sep 1876Giles County, Tennessee P4099


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Darthula Caroline  Aft 15 May 1945Giles County, Tennessee P13588
2 Chapman, Lonnie Allen  Giles County, Tennessee P13664
3 Curbow, Celia M. or Ann "Cealy"  May 1909Giles County, Tennessee P2384
4 Lawrence, Abraham "Abe" R.  Giles County, Tennessee P4550
5 Lawrence, Alvie E.  Mar 1973Giles County, Tennessee P4543
6 White, James T. or M.  Dec 1889Giles County, Tennessee P4100
7 White, Mary Louanie or Lavina  Aug 1946Giles County, Tennessee P4091
8 White, William  Dec. 1923Giles County, Tennessee P4096
9 White, Willis  1876Giles County, Tennessee P4099


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Robert Napoleon  9 Jun 1880Giles County, Tennessee P13576
2 Ayers, William Allen  1880Giles County, Tennessee P11717
3 Kerbo, Jeremiah Middleton Marr  1850Giles County, Tennessee P4089


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chapman / Ayres  16 Jul 1876Giles County, Tennessee F5063
2 Drake / Chapman  30 May 1899Giles County, Tennessee F6455
3 Kerbo / White  1 Apr 1855Giles County, Tennessee F1072
4 Nichols / Brookshire  4 Jun 1841Giles County, Tennessee F4470
5 Prince / Ayres  17 Oct 1880Giles County, Tennessee F6576
6 Walls / Chapman  25 Oct 1903Giles County, Tennessee F6456
7 White / Clemmons  23 Dec 1886Giles County, Tennessee F1039
8 White / Thorn  20 Sept 1872Giles County, Tennessee F1035