An American Journey
The Genealogy of the Curbow-Montoya Family
Curbow Collage
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Brown County, Texas


Latitude: 31.770511, Longitude: -98.924534


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beasley, Louis Crawford  Brown County, Texas P4382
2 Beene, R.D.   P3161
3 Byler, Hampton Dewayne  12 Feb 1957Brown County, Texas P1149
4 Byler, W.M.   P1151
5 Casey, John M  1878Brown County, Texas P9512
6 Cason, Jesse Bernard  13 Aug 1918Brown County, Texas P11357
7 Cason, J.B. Jr.   P11356
8 CURBO, B.B.   P7772
9 Curbo, Frances Isabella  16 Jun 1921Brown County, Texas P7759
10 Curbo, James Alvin  20 Nov 1948Brown County, Texas P7946
11 Curbo, M.L.   P7757
12 Curbow, J.C.   P36
13 Denman, Ila  30 Jul 1914Brown County, Texas P5707
14 Dodds, M.L.   P37
15 Egger, C.L.   P2156
16 Frazier, K.K.   P2191
17 Ham, A.J.   P2186
18 Ham, C.T. Jr.   P2189
19 Ham, Deloris Dianne  6 May 1959Brown County, Texas P2187
20 Ham, S.D.   P2188
21 Ham, William Cody  27 Dec 1911Brown County, Texas P196
22 Henkel, N.R.   P10121
23 Jackson, D.R.   P10092
24 Kunkel, E.R.   P6004
25 Mackey, B.A.   P3160
26 McDaniel, L.D.   P1145
27 McDaniel, M.S.   I742
28 McKnight, F.J.   P11446
29 Musick, D.G.   P2157
30 Nicholas, Annie Asalee  5 Aug 1901Brown County, Texas P4374
31 Pliler, Frances Lee  17 Oct 1922Brown County, Texas P13704
32 Reddell, Artelia Blanche  10 Jun 1901Brown County, Texas P17683
33 Riordan, William Claude  9 Nov 1921Brown County, Texas P11359
34 ROBERTS, F.   P6376
35 ROBERTS, H.   P6375
36 ROBERTS, L.   P6377
37 Shannon, Claude Ledeau  13 Oct 1901Brown County, Texas P7780
38 White, S.L.   I908
39 Winter, Marion E.  6 Dec 1864Brown County, Texas P12738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akins, Mary Melissa  30 Jan 1956Brown County, Texas P6614
2 Atwood, Flora Elmer  29 Jun 1985Brown County, Texas P5924
3 Barnett, Ruby Dora  7 Dec 1989Brown County, Texas P1260
4 Bellar, Lois Eugene  20 May 1984Brown County, Texas P10201
5 Blackstock, Jesse James  20 Nov 1983Brown County, Texas I601
6 Brackens, Denya or Deniza  15 Mar 1952Brown County, Texas P7973
7 Caffey, Maud Clara  2 Apr 1942Brown County, Texas P19163
8 Cason, Jesse Bernard  23 Mar 1976Brown County, Texas P11357
9 Dillard, Minnie C.  22 Oct 1986Brown County, Texas P10177
10 Egger, Christy Jo  27 Nov 1992Brown County, Texas P2163
11 Erwin, Mable Elizabeth  13 Feb 1978Brown County, Texas P5935
12 Ham, Mabel Jemima  4 Sept 1977Brown County, Texas P207
13 Magill, Samuel Thomas  3 Oct 1908Brown County, Texas P23796
14 Minica, Jessie J.  10 Apr 1978Brown County, Texas P3163
15 Shannon, John E  Brown County, Texas P7974


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Curbo, Infant Boy  Oct 1923Brown County, Texas P7761
2 Nowlin, William Abner  31 Dec 1925Brown County, Texas P5904
3 Stone, William J  Jun 1961Brown County, Texas P1854


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Kennedy, Tabitha Clementine  1909Brown County, Texas P199

Birth of Daughter

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth of Daughter    Person ID 
1 Ham, William Neal  25 Apr 1913Brown County, Texas P66

Birth of Son

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth of Son    Person ID 
1 Ham, William Neal  27 Dec 1911Brown County, Texas P66


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Berry Alexander  1910Brown County, Texas P1262
2 Barnett, Ruby Dora  1910Brown County, Texas P1260
3 Barnett, Ruby Dora  1940Brown County, Texas P1260
4 Barr, Ruth Louise  1 Apr 1940Brown County, Texas P2726
5 Burdell, Jesse William  1880Brown County, Texas P1765
6 Cason, Jesse Bernard  1930Brown County, Texas P11357
7 Clark, Clois Quintis  1 Apr 1940Brown County, Texas P10101
8 Cornelius, Clifton Uluesfer  1920Brown County, Texas  P1039
9 Courtright, Mary Lou  1910Brown County, Texas P1038
10 Courtright, Mary Lou  1920Brown County, Texas P1038
11 Dawson, Palestine Ione  1900Brown County, Texas P1169
12 Dawson, Palestine Ione  1910Brown County, Texas P1169
13 Egger, David Rudolph  1940Brown County, Texas P2160
14 Egger, Homer Oliver  1940Brown County, Texas P2162
15 Goins, Cora Irene  1920Brown County, Texas P6603
16 Goins, John Christopher Columbus  1920Brown County, Texas P6605
17 Goins, John Christopher Columbus  1930Brown County, Texas P6605
18 Goins, Stella  1920Brown County, Texas  P2161
19 Goins, Stella  1930Brown County, Texas P2161
20 Goins, Stella  1940Brown County, Texas P2161
21 Ham, Allie Ernestine  1910Brown County, Texas P41
22 Ham, Alpha  1910Brown County, Texas P195
23 Ham, Ann Doris  1930Brown County, Texas P190
24 Ham, Cecil Clemons  1910Brown County, Texas P198
25 Ham, E.R.   P1257
26 Ham, Henry Ford  1930Brown County, Texas  P192
27 Ham, Jardie Allen  1910Brown County, Texas P197
28 Ham, John Alif  1930Brown County, Texas  P191
29 Ham, Mabel Jemima  1910Brown County, Texas P207
30 Ham, Maud Ellen  Apr 1910Brown County, Texas P211
31 Ham, Norman Neely  1940Brown County, Texas P1256
32 Ham, Ora Helen  1910Brown County, Texas P189
33 Ham, Samuel David  1940Brown County, Texas P208
34 Ham, William Cody  1930Brown County, Texas P196
35 Ham, William Neal  Apr 1910Brown County, Texas P66
36 Ham, William Neal  21 Apr 1930Brown County, Texas P66
37 Harris, Johnnie  1930Brown County, Texas P1336
38 James, Artie Mae  1910Brown County, Texas P1203
39 James, Willie Bernice  1910Brown County, Texas P1202
40 Jones, Lottie Marie  1920Brown County, Texas I800
41 Jones, Lottie Marie  1930Brown County, Texas I800
42 Keller, Virgie Isabell  1900Brown County, Texas P1143
43 Keller, Virgie Isabell  1930Brown County, Texas P1143
44 Kennedy, Tabitha Clementine  1910Brown County, Texas P199
45 Magill, Samuel Thomas  5 Jun 1900Brown County, Texas P23796
46 Martin, Eliza Elizabeth  1910Brown County, Texas P1261
47 Mathews, Dee Ellis  1900Brown County, Texas P8950
48 Mathews, Dee Ellis  1910Brown County, Texas P8950
49 McDaniel, James Monroe  1900Brown County, Texas P1144
50 McDaniel, James Monroe  1930Brown County, Texas P1144

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Young, Alfred Lafayette  5 Jun 1917Brown County, Texas I588


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beene / Ham   F697
2 Bush / Jenkins  24 Aug 1898Brown County, Texas F2757
3 Cason / Ham   F2811
4 Curbo / Denman  Dec. 1932Brown County, Texas F1254
5 Curbow / Dodds   F11
6 Foster / Rector   F6085
7 Kunkel / Bethel   F6001
8 Mackey / Ham   F698
9 Miller / Dawson  18 Aug 1901Brown County, Texas F387
10 Miller / Ham   F385
11 Minica / Egger  28 Mar 1941Brown County, Texas F1416
12 Nichols / Proctor  23 Dec 1971Brown County, Texas  F6957
13 Shannon / Curbo  15 Nov 1929Brown County, Texas F1753
14 Staton / Ham   F2812


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Cason / Ham   F2811
2 Curbow / Dodds   F11
3 Egger / Harper   F405
4 Foster / Rector   F6085
5 Kunkel / Bethel   F6001
6 ONeal / Bellar   F6976