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The Genealogy of the Curbow-Montoya Family
Curbow Collage
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Hill County, Texas


Latitude: 32.062177, Longitude: -97.179026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Maggie J.  9 Oct 1861Hill County, Texas P9584
2 Atwood, Beulah Velma  22 Jul 1896Hill County, Texas P9585
3 Atwood, Birdie or Byrd Mae  26 May 1894Hill County, Texas P9586
4 Atwood, Grace Aline  1 Oct 1915Hill County, Texas P9742
5 Atwood, Maggie Elnora  7 Oct 1886Hill County, Texas P9590
6 Atwood, Nettie Kelly  13 Sep 1890Hill County, Texas P9588
7 Ballard, Clarence Elijah  21 Nov. 1928Hill County, Texas P15399
8 Box, Elmer Quintin  18 Dec 1890Hill County, Texas P20146
9 Bryan, Mozie Jean  2 Dec 1920Hill County, Texas P9748
10 Burns, M.D.   P24060
11 Cupp, Addie Josephine  12 Apr 1874Hill County, Texas P4181
12 Curbo, Anna G.  13 Jul 1885Hill County, Texas P4169
13 Curbo, Benjamin Franklin  28 Jan 1901Hill County, Texas P4176
14 Curbo, Cozett  18 Dec 1917Hill County, Texas P4172
15 Curbo, David Arthur  3 Feb 1909Hill County, Texas P5701
16 Curbo, Delmar Ivy  19 Apr 1906Hill County, Texas P4174
17 Curbo, Eliza J.  19 March 1891Hill County, Texas P4182
18 Curbo, Ellen Cordelia  18 Oct 1888Hill County, Texas P4171
19 Curbo, Elnora Roberta  27 Feb 1906Hill County, Texas P5695
20 Curbo, Frances Marie  8 Oct 1924Hill County, Texas P7709
21 Curbo, George Washington  19 Mar 1899Hill County, Texas P4177
22 Curbo, Gwinda Faye  26 Apr 1948Hill County, Texas P7907
23 Curbo, James Arthur  18 Nov 1893Hill County, Texas P4180
24 Curbo, Jeff Barnett "Dude"  4 Feb 1898Hill County, Texas P5697
25 Curbo, John Henry  25 Feb 1897Hill County, Texas P4178
26 Curbo, Linda Mae  26 Apr 1948Hill County, Texas P7908
27 Curbo, Luther Edwin  29 Feb 1932Hill County, Texas P7711
28 Curbo, Luther Leon  2 May 1919Hill County, Texas P7706
29 Curbo, Luther Mead  2 Jul 1895Hill County, Texas P4179
30 Curbo, Nathan Daulton or Dolton  1 Apr 1928Hill County, Texas P7730
31 Curbo, Nathan Dudley "Dud"  18 Mar 1904Hill County, Texas P4175
32 Curbo, Ora Bell  31 July 1882Hill County, Texas P4170
33 Curbo, Rita Marcine  Hill County, Texas P7728
34 Curbo, Robert Lee  29 Oct 1912Hill County, Texas P4173
35 Curbo, Thomas William  July 1886Hill County, Texas P4183
36 Evans, Lizzie Maria  Sep 1899Hill County, Texas P20337
37 Evans, Samuel Gaines  25 Jan 1870Hill County, Texas P20143
38 Glasgow, Georgie Ann  4 Mar 1886Hill County, Texas P8467
39 Grantham, Benjamin Avery  Aug 1897Hill County, Texas P12700
40 Grantham, Ira Myrtle  18 Sep 1885Hill County, Texas P12705
41 Grantham, Jesse Richard  18 Dec 1880Hill County, Texas P327
42 Grantham, Orlando  15 Oct 1881Hill County, Texas P326
43 Grisham, Alton Mead  25 Aug 1910Hill County, Texas P8302
44 Grisham, Anna  19 Jul 1899Hill County, Texas P8307
45 Grisham, Charlie  28 Mar 1901Hill County, Texas P8306
46 Grisham, Henry Woodington  18 Feb 1875Hill County, Texas P8308
47 Grisham, James Delma  27 Mar 1908Hill County, Texas P8303
48 Grisham, Mary Elizabeth  Jan 1903Hill County, Texas P8305
49 Grisham, Ora  10 Jul 1905Hill County, Texas P8304
50 Grisham, Weldon Lester  17 Nov 1912Hill County, Texas P8301

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Maggie J.  7 May 1884Hill County, Texas P9584
2 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  9 Mar 1918Hill County, Texas P9481
3 Cupp, Addie Josephine  11 Feb 1960Hill County, Texas P4181
4 Curbo, Anna G.  30 Nov. 1885Hill County, Texas P4169
5 Curbo, Eliza J.  20 March 1891Hill County, Texas P4182
6 Curbo, Gwinda Faye  3 May 1948Hill County, Texas P7907
7 Curbo, Ida A.  Oct. 1884Hill County, Texas P4256
8 Curbo, James Arthur  28 Aug 1930Hill County, Texas P4180
9 Curbo, James Nathan  7 May 1948Hill County, Texas P4411
10 Curbo, Leander E. "Lee"  20 Mar 1880Hill County, Texas P4070
11 Curbo, Linda Mae  27 Apr 1948Hill County, Texas P7908
12 Curbo, Luther Mead  7 Jan 1955Hill County, Texas P4179
13 Curbo, Minnie Lee  22 Nov 1903Hill County, Texas P4257
14 Curbo, Nathan Dudley "Dud"  23 Oct 1966Hill County, Texas P4175
15 Curbo, Nathaniel "Nathan"  4 Nov. 1899Hill County, Texas P2386
16 Curbo, Thomas William  1890Hill County, Texas P4183
17 Curbo, Willis "Wylie" S.  March 1875Hill County, Texas P4071
18 Edwards, Benjamin Franklin  4 Jul 1910Hill County, Texas P2148
19 Evans, Harriet C  Bef 1880Hill County, Texas P20144
20 Green, Minerva Rachel  10 Aug 1883Hill County, Texas P5704
21 Hardin, William B.  16 May 1952Hill County, Texas P4514
22 Hardin, William Barnett  1885Hill County, Texas P5705
23 Leach, Clarissa Fineta  19 Jul 1861Hill County, Texas P8477
24 McGuire, Ellen Cordelia  7 Aug 1881Hill County, Texas P4163
25 Porter, Henrietta  1990Hill County, Texas P7922
26 Sanders, Susan C  1877Hill County, Texas P7703
27 Storey, Lucinda W.  2 Apr 1899Hill County, Texas P4073
28 Toney, Addie  18 Sept 1883Hill County, Texas P4260
29 Winters, Mary Ellen  19 Mar 1891Hill County, Texas P4184


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  10 Mar 1918Hill County, Texas P9481
2 Cupp, Addie Josephine  Feb 1960Hill County, Texas P4181
3 Curbo, Anna G.  Nov. 1885Hill County, Texas P4169
4 Curbo, Benjamin Franklin  Hill County, Texas P4176
5 Curbo, Ida A.  Oct. 1884Hill County, Texas P4256
6 Curbo, James Arthur  Aug 1930Hill County, Texas P4180
7 Curbo, Minnie Lee  Nov. 1903Hill County, Texas P4257
8 Curbo, Nathan Dudley "Dud"  Oct. 1966Hill County, Texas P4175
9 Curbo, Ora Bell  Oct. 1919Hill County, Texas P4170
10 Curbo, Sarah Lucinda  Aft 10 Aug 1916Hill County, Texas P4161
11 Curbo, Thomas William  1890Hill County, Texas P4183
12 Edwards, Benjamin Franklin  Hill County, Texas P2148
13 Grisham, Henry Woodington  Feb 1951Hill County, Texas P8308
14 Holland, Martha Margrete  Aft 6 Dec 1994Hill County, Texas P7731
15 White, Tebitha B.  Hill County, Texas P20083
16 Winters, Mary Ellen  Mar 1891Hill County, Texas P4184

Birth of Son

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth of Son    Person ID 
1 Grantham, Hillard Cisero  18 Dec 1880Hill County, Texas P324
2 Grantham, Hillard Cisero  15 Oct 1881Hill County, Texas P324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  1900Hill County, Texas P9481
2 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  1910Hill County, Texas P9481
3 Box, William Bolton  1870Hill County, Texas P2340
4 Curbow, Tilman David  1880Hill County, Texas P3745
5 Curbow, Tilman David  27 Jun 1880Hill County, Texas P3745
6 Curbow, Wise David  1880Hill County, Texas P3757
7 Edwards, Benjamin Franklin  1900Hill County, Texas P2148
8 Grantham, Monroe Mathias  1880Hill County, Texas P342
9 Ham, Joanna Elizabeth  1900Hill County, Texas P213
10 Hodges, Walter Clark  1860Hill County, Texas P22004
11 Ketchum, Frances Ella  1880Hill County, Texas  P12698
12 Rogers, Beulah Viola  22 Jun 1880Hill County, Texas  P238
13 Rogers, John Columbus  1880Hill County, Texas P268
14 Taylor, Vela May  1900Hill County, Texas I855


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Politics    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  27 Jul 1912Hill County, Texas  P9481

Tax Roll

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax Roll    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Michael Greenberry  1883Hill County, Texas P9481


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Curbo  17 Dec 1905Hill County, Texas F1734
2 Atwood / Anderson  7 Jan 1883Hill County, Texas F2200
3 Atwood / Blackmon  1 Oct 1885Hill County, Texas F2201
4 Atwood / Hornsby  25 Oct 1898Hill County, Texas F2199
5 Cirley / Curbo  1903Hill County, Texas F1705
6 Curbo / Bradshaw  14 Oct 1914Hill County, Texas F1678
7 Curbo / Cupp  16 Apr 1892Hill County, Texas F952
8 Curbo / Duncan Langston  30 Jul 1882Hill County, Texas F951
9 Curbo / Holland  15 Jul 1917Hill County, Texas F1681
10 Curbo / Holland  2 Sept 1925Hill County, Texas F1684
11 Curbo / Sessums  1946Hill County, Texas F1686
12 Curbo / Smith  8 Aug 1970Hill County, Texas F1735
13 Curbo / Underwood  21 Sep 1940Hill County, Texas F1688
14 Curbo / White  25 Jun 1918Hill County, Texas F1682
15 Curbo / Williams  22 Aug 1925Hill County, Texas F1683
16 Curbo / Winters  3 Mar 1881Hill County, Texas F953
17 Grantham / Hayes  6 Aug 1902Hill County, Texas F3167
18 Grisham / Curbo  24 Jul 1898Hill County, Texas F1852
19 Hardin / Green  Jul 1860Hill County, Texas F1691
20 McKown / Faucet  26 Feb 1877Hill County, Texas F5152
21 Richardson / Harris  4 Sept 1884Hill County, Texas F5654
22 Richardson / McKown  8 Jun 1874Hill County, Texas F5655
23 ROBINSON / Curbo  10 Aug or 8 Oct. 1893Hill County, Texas F1707
24 Thompson / Curbo  14 Feb 1883Hill County, Texas F1690
25 White / Garner  7 Dec 1913Hill County, Texas F3852