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The Genealogy of the Curbow-Montoya Family
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History of the West Family

The West Family in America:

Excerpt taken from: The West Family Register: Important Lines Traced, 1326Ė1928:

This genealogy was written by Letta Brock Stone in 1928. It traces the West family to the fourteenth century, and tells of its origins as the De La Warr family, of whom the author writes: "Among the families of noble descent who were represented in this country in its early days, none was of more distinguished lineage than that of the De La Warrs." The De La Warr tree was traced from Alfred the Great "through thirteen generations, to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, the son of Henry the Third. Henry Plantagenet, the son of the Earl of Lancaster, had a daughter, Joan, who married Lord Mowbray; and their son, John, Lord Mowbray, had a daughter, Eleanor, who married Roger La Warr."

The daughter of Roger LaWarr married Sir Thomas West, who was knighted in 1328, and served under Edward III, for which he was created a baron. His son, Thomas, who succeeded his father upon his death, had a son, Thomas, who was knighted in 1399. He married Joan, half-sister and heiress of Thomas 5th Baron De La Warr, and daughter of Roger 3d Baron De La Warr. From this point the two lines are merged into one, the West family, taking the title Baron De La Warr.

Thomas West, 3rd Lord De La Warr and first Governor of Virginia, was born July 9, 1577. He had several children who remained in England, but it is not unlikely that some of their descendants came to the Colonies at a later date. From 1608 to his death, Lord De La Warr was active in promoting settlements in the New World. Capt. Francis West was born October 28, 1586, and came to Virginia about 1608.

Additional notes from Grant Wakefield: As mentioned Iím a member of the West Family Association and the West Guild. I must confess Iím not sure where to even begin regarding the family to be honest as the West family is so interesting that itís hard to know where to begin. I can also confirm to you though that the family does indeed go all the way back to William the Conqueror and far beyond that to the Merovingians and even Charlemagne. Even though the lineage is well established, I must confess it still makes me shake my head in disbelief at times. One small correction however the family traces its lineage through The House of Plantagenet not Tudor (War of the Roses). Besides that our ancestors also built a very well known Private School in England called Christís Hospital School, were Explorers throughout history, especially in America and have an extremely esoteric side as they served as ( Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), commonly known as the Knights Templar , through the De La Warr side served as King of Jerusalem from 1131 to his death (Fulk of Jerusalem) and ever so much more.

Owner/SourceThe West Family Register
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