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The Genealogy of the Curbow-Montoya Family
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History/Meaning of the Curbow Surname

From: The Historical Research Center - Family Name History - CURBOW -
Purchased during our trip to Ireland - June 2000.
CURBOW-Surnames are not just words or sounds. They originated as descriptions of the person for reasons of better and easier identification. These early additional names were "bynames" and not family names. They described one individual and not his whole family. The use of modern surnames dates from the early Middle Ages. Of french surnames, it has been said that surnames came into existence around 1000 and were initially confined to the nobility. The employment of surnames in England in the eleventh century was one of the results of the Norman (French) Conquest of 1066 which was carried out under William the Conqueror. With regard to the origin of the French surname "Curbow" this name is of two possible origins. Firstly, the name Curbow may be an anglicized form of the French surname Courbou(x) or Courboules. In this case, the name is of local origin, deriving from the place of residence of the initial bearer. In this instance, Curbow is derived from the place named Courbou(x), a place name in Lat and Haute-Saone. The place name Courbou(x) is derived from the French "courbe," indicating "bent." Alternatively, the surname Curbow may be an anglicized form of Courbeu(x) or Corbault. In this instance, the name derives from the French word "corbeau," meaning a "raven," and perhaps indicating that the original bearer lived in a residence which displayed the sign of the raven. It may also indicate one who had the characteristics of a raven. The raven was considered a bird of ill omen, fabled to forbode death and to indicate the approach of bad weather, famine and mortality. In Christian art it is an emblem of God's Providence, alluding to the ravens which fed Elijah.
BLAZON OF ARMS: Three reavens' heads sable
CREST: A raven sable
ORIGIN: France

Linked toCharles Franklin Curbow; D.L. Curbow; J.L. Curbow; J.R. Curbow; Oliver Perry Curbow; Roy Oliver Curbow; Tilman P. Curbow

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