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John Elmer

Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, Volume 2

Name: John Elmer
Birth Date: 22 Sep 1776
Birth Place: Somers, Tolland, Connecticut
Parents: William and Mary Kibbe Elmer
Death Date: 11 Feb 1871
Death Place: Payson, Utah, Utah
Arrival: 1 Oct 1852, Uriah Curtis Co.  {THOUGHT TO BE INCORRECT}
Spouse: Sarah/Sally P. Peak(e)
Marriage Date: abt 1800
Spouse's Birth Date: 09 Jul 1784
Spouse's Birth Place: Promfret, Windsor, Vermont
Spouse's Death Date: Summer 1838
Spouse's Death Place: Indiana, on the way to Nauvoo
Married 2nd: Harriet Gould Brunson Date: Spring 1839 . John was a timber man who cut and hewed logs to build homes. He floated logs down the river and was known as the best shingle maker. He was also a farmer and shoe maker. He always took time to study the Bible with his family so when the missionaries came in 1836 , they were ready to accept the gospel. They started their preparations to join the saints and, in the spring of 1838 , they left with others. His wife and their oldest son developed typhoid fever and died in Indiana . The family went on to Adams County, Illinois , where they built a cabin for the winter. John and his sons went out to find work. While they were gone, their cabin and all their possessions burned to the ground. They found work and lived through the winter. In the spring John remarried and they lived in Harriet 's home. In 1843 they moved to Lee County, Iowa , and later to Council Bluffs, Iowa . They crossed the plains in 1852 . John and his family settled in Ogden and later moved to Payson . He remained a farmer but also made shingles and shoes. He was a large man, six feet tall, and of great physical strength due to early life as a lumberman. He had a pleasant temperament and a sense of humor; he was honest and a reliable citizen and member of the church. He lost his eyesight a short time before his death. He died as a result of teaching some men how to properly fell a tree. The tree fell on him because he couldn't see to get out of the way. He was 95 years old when he died. Children of 1st wife: Typhenia , b. 27 Apr 1801 , Norwich, Windsor, Vermont . Cynthia , b. 1804 , Norwich, Vermont . Samuel Fifield , b. 1805 , Norwich, Vermont . Wealthy , b. 1808 , Orange, Orange, Vermont . John , b. 1810 , Underhill, Chittendon, Vermont . Salley , b. 20 Sep 1813 , Underhill, Vermont . Hyrum King , b. 4 Jun 1816 , Norwich, Windsor, Vermont . William , b. 16 Sep 1820 , Norwich, Windsor, Vermont . Ira Bartlett , b. 2 Aug 1823 , Norwich, Vermont . Children of 2nd wife: Jerusha Kibbe , b. 10 May 1842 . Lucretia , b. Unknown. D. Infant. Lorna Belnap

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