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Atwood Letter dated 27 May 1875

Text of letter written from William Payton Atwood to his father Thomas Atwood on 27 May 1875 - Bagdad, Williamson County, Texas - as written:
Mr. thomas Atwood - Dear father - I take this oportunity of writing you a few lines to let you now that I and famley is well at present I hope when this comes to hand it will find you well and dong well as for news I have nun that will interest you I have had bad luck with my crop I have had to plant my cotton the second time and I haven't got a good stand yet but my corn is good for this time of the year I have plowed my cotton the 2 times this year and it is hot but I think it will make it if rain Corn is good in the country but cotton is bad stand. Well pap I hant got much to writ to you now I sent you my horse by William when he was up her when I heard that you had lost yore horses. I didn't know wheather you would ____ him or not you can keep him til July I will come down if I can I wont to com down. When I git my crop put by if I don't I will let you now by riting to you. pap I haven't hear from you saw Thomas Tyrey was down.

I would like to git a few lines from you and hear how you wos git along an hear whether you have hear of your ___ horses or not. thomas tyrey ____ lost his horse about a month ago but he got him to day he found him on the ___ about 60 mies from her and I let him use my hoss to gow up there and it has got a way so I cant come down till he picks up. Well pap it is raining here to day it is about the best weather yet. times is hard and money short. Well pap thomas tyrey seen some of hour kin fowks. it was Jef Williams and sees they ar about 15 miles above here as he sead that he was coming down to see you as soon as he could. he was a thatering horses up thar and I don't now his post box. he said to tell you to writ to him but I forgot his post box. Well pap I will bring my short letter to a close But asking you to writ as soon as this come to hand. Excuse bad writing but my pen so bad that I
Cant write.
So good by Pater By W. P. Atwood to Thomas Atwood

Owner/SourceWanda Atwood Ketih
Linked toThomas Atwood; William Payton Atwood (Residence)

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