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Atwood Letter dated 12 May 1882

Text of Letter written from father Thomas Atwood to Son Russell Columbus Atwood

Text of letter from Thomas Atwood (Roswell, Lincoln County, New Mexico) written 12 May 1882 to his son Russel Columbus Atwood - typed exactly as written:
Roswill, Lincoln County, New Mexico; May the 12 1882:
Dear son, I take the present opertunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that we are well and hope that these few lines may reach you in dew time and find you all well. I have no knews of much interest to write to yu.
We traveled up to Colorado City aming to cross the plaines by the ritaway long the reail-road but got stuck bad account of the sand on that rout that we turned our cos to yello horse canyon, then to Fort Sumner on the pecos and now we are 80 miles down the river but off from the river west of it some 10 miles, in the best country that I have saw, there is 4 streams here that runs in to the pecos. the land is tolerable good and lyse wise for erigating. timber is scare but enough for to burn. We are in sight of the White Mountains but we are 80 miels from Fort Stanton, the Capatain Mountains is in sight where the white oak minds is in here near, for account of the mines there, there is a great many sheep going from here to Texas. We met about 2000, hit tis supposed that there will bee one hundred thousen drove from hear this season. they are worth from $1.75 to $2. per head.

hear stock is hiar here then tha are there in Texas, horses is worth from $75 to $100-25, cattle is worth about $15 per head. beef is worth from 7 to 8 cens per pound, bacon 18 cents per pound. Corn is worth from 3 to 5 cents per pound. Dink saw dick mais in this little town yesterday, wee looked for him up here at camp tonight. he is working for Chisam about 5 miles below here. wee have traveled in company with 3 men from Colorado City crost the ____ and are with them yet but ahr are going down into thee Warlon Mountain Country looking for stock to ranch and wee shall seprate hear, the principle man in the crowd waws a man by the name of Holaway. Wee saw plenty of buffalows, wee had plenty to eat. Holaway kil 2 of them, bob, that was with us shot 4 times at them but killed nothin.

son, I'll have to close for the want of spase. remain your father as ever. Thomas Atwood to R. C. Atwood

*Note: In 1882 Roswell was in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Chavez County, where Roswell is today, was formed in 1887 from Lincoln County.

Owner/SourceWanda Atwood Ketih
Linked toRussell Columbus Atwood; Thomas Atwood (Residence)

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