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Report: Military - Air Force

         Description: A list of our ancestors that served in the United States Air Force

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# Full Name Military Military: Place Military: Date
1 Archibaldo Gonzalez  Air Force Enlistment date from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File:
Archiblado Gonzales born 29 Oct 1919; died 11 Mar 1979; SSN 447283964; Branch Air Force; Enlisted 7 Nov 1950; Discharged 30 Jun 1966
It appears from his headstone that he attained the rank of Major 
  7 Nov 1950 
2 Gene Oliver Curbow  BRAVO BLAST: Gene Curbow was enlisted in the United States Air Force. According to his brother, Donald Lee Curbow, Gene was stationed on an island as a weatherman and was discharged from the Air Force with a disability. Many years ago Don saw Gene being interviewed by Linda Ellerbee on T.V. regarding a radioactive contamination incident. After some research it was confirmed that Gene Curbow was one of 28 servicemen present on Bikini Island the morning of March 1, 1954 when the Bravo blast occurred. Detonated on a reef on Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1954, the "Bravo" test was the first U.S. explosion of a deliverable hydrogen bomb. The explosion produced a yield of 15-megatons, making it more than 1,000 times the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It resulted in the worst single incident of fallout exposure in all the U.S. atmospheric testing programs. Twenty-three Japanese fisherman, 28 U.S. Servicemen (Gene among them) and more than 200 Marshallese were caught in the fallout.
Quote from Gene Curbow, HQ Weather Reporting Element (U.S. Air Force) on Rongerik Atoll, 1954: "Prior to...and for weeks leading up to the blast the prevailing upper level troughs indicated that wind was blowing to the vicinity of our island." In an article entitled, "Deadly Snow" written by Robert Milliken in 1986 he states that: "One of the weathermen, Gene Curbow, is suffering from leukemia and is suing the U.S. government. He attributes his cancer, like that suffered by many Marshallese since Bravo, directly to radiation exposure."
Title Petition from Gene Curbow, National Association of Atomic Veterans, concerning the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Authors Gene Curbow, National Association of Atomic Veterans (United States)Publisher UN, 1983 Length 3 pages
'The wind had been blowing straight at us for days before the test. It was blowing straight at us during the test, and straight at us after it. The wind never shifted.'
Gene Curbow, senior weather technician on the neighboring atoll of Rongerik, who took radio-sound weather measurements up to an altitude of 30,000 meters before and after Bravo.
Curbow and US veterans stationed there have suffered since from a variety of illnesses including cancer, tumors, heart and thyroid conditions, and urinary and bladder disorders that they say were related to Bravo. Three of them said they had difficulty in fathering children or had had sickly offspring.
'When we decided to leave Rongelap Atoll, the old people cried to leave their homeland. But I said, "What about your grandchildren? Do you want them to die?"'
Jeton Anjain, a Marshall Islands Senator.
All material from Eyes of Fire; the last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior by David Robie (Lindon - NZ, Ravette - UK).
The most significant lawsuits filed to date are related to fallout from shot Bravo. Two lawsuits, Antolok et al and Alee et al are each seeking 4 billion dollars for loss of land, radiation exposures, and punitive damages for the Marshallese plaintiffs. A related lawsuit, Curbow, et al is seeking lO million dollars on behalf of five of the 28 American servicemen subjected to Bravo fallout on Rongerik Atoll in 1954. None of these lawsuits has reached trial.
One important and unresolved question Is, who among the defendants could be liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act? Since the United States may be immune to claims under the Federal Tort
Claims Act and since the National Laboratories were probably acting under authority from the President of the United States, it remains to be seen whether any of the defendants can be held liable for injuries due to the nuclear weapon testing program. 
Bikini Atoll Island   1 Mar 1954 
3 Robert Montgomery Wagoner  Captain United States Army Air Corps; World War II
Undated/Unknown Newspaper Article: "Completes Missions: L/T. Montgomery Wagoner: After completing his missions as a bombardier on a Liberator in the European Theatre of Operatons, Lient. Montgomery (Monkey) Wagoner is home for a visit with relatives and friends before receiving a new assignment. Lieut. Wagoner, former Brady High School and San Angelo Junior College football star, completed 25 missions from Italy, and 16 from England, and participated in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day."
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Air Force
Enlisted: 19 June 1943
Released: 12 Oct 1945
2nd Enlistment: 2 Mar 1951
2nd Release: 1 May 1955 
  19 Jun 1943 
4 Gene Oliver Curbow  Military Enlistment - United States Air Force; Processed at "Abilene main station." Veteran of the Korean conflict.  Abilene, Taylor County, Texas   Aug 1951 
5 William Spencer Murry  Notes from James Dudley:
Bill was a Navy Corpsman in World War 11 and retired from Tinker Air Force Base after 28 years of service.  
6 J.O. Howard       
7 Richard Ernest Montoya  Second Tour to Vietnam - Da Nang Air Base. Da Nang was a Republic of Vietnam Air Force facility. The United States used it as a major base during the Vietnam War, stationing Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine units there.     1970 - 1971 
8 Charles Jackson DeRamus  Served in the Navy, Army and the Air Force      
9 T.A. Ceniglis       
10 D.M. Pickering       
11 Buster Stuart  U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records: Buster Stuart, born 1909; white, citizen; born Texas; Enlisted Air Corps; Private; Grammar school education; Animal and livestock farmer; Married; 66 inches; 140 pounds

Headstone Inscription: Sgt; U.S. Army; Army Air Forces; World War II 
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas   21 Sept 1942 
12 Joy Lavonne Bedwell  U.S. World War II Army Enlistment; 3 years of high school; married

According to this database: World War II and Korean Confict Veterans Interred Overseas - Joy L. Bedwell was as staff sargent with the 446th Bomber Squadron 321st Bomber. He died Feb 19 1944 in Sicily & Rome, Italy. He was listed as missing. He received the Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal and additional Army awards. Joy L. Bedwell was the grandson of Johnathon Bedwell and Martha Isabell Curbow Bedwell Pressley. The U.S. Rosters of World War II dead states that he was a Protestant - his body was "unrecoverable," that he was a Staff Sargeant with the U.S. Army. His service number was: 18039748. The U.S. WWII Military Personnel Missing in Action or Lost at Sea database lists Joy L. Bedwell's "date of loss" as Feb 19, 1944. He was a staff sargeant in the U.S. Army Air Force. His service number is confirmed again (18039748). He is listed as missing in action.  
Dallas County, Texas   14 Jan 1942 
13 C. Blankenship       
14 Finnie Oafton Ham  United States Air Force     
15 M.A. Hawkins, Jr.       
16 B.A. Quiroz       
17 J.M. Toone       
18 Roy Floyd Ham  United States Air Force - 12 years of service     
19 Richard Earl Dempsey  United States Air Force - Korea     
20 A.E. Blankenship       
21 Richard John Quiroz  United States Air Force and United States Army; retired from Air Force on 12/12/1973    Abt 1945-1973 
22 A.E. Blankenship       
23 Drew Allen Rickman  United States Air Force; Korea     
24 Carl Dexter Kasner  United States Air Force; Vietnam veteran     
25 Robert Jacob Keeny  United States Army and United States Air Force; World War II Veteran      
26 Thomas Robert Havins  World War 2 veteran - Served in the United States Army Air Force as an officer.     1942 - 1945